Colored Layflat Tubings

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Colored Layflat Tubings

Layflat tubing (sometimes spelt Layflat-Tubing or LFT for short) is a continuous tube of polyethylene on a roll. Layflat tubing is ideal for packaging long ‘difficult to wrap’ items. Insert the item to be packaged into the plastic tubing and cut it to the required length then heat seal, tie, staple or tape shut both ends to create good protective made-to-measure bags.

Custom Features:

  • Rolls Form
  • Cut form
  • One Side Sealed Form


  • Lay Flat Tubing (LFT) is the most basic blown film product – formed by collapsing and flattening the bubble / tube. All other blown film products are derived from the layflat.
  • Gusseted layflat tubing (GLFT) is formed by using a pair of wooden (or metal triangles) to alter the shape of the bubble as it passes through the collapsing frame.
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