Shrink Film

Shrink Film

Perfect packaging solutions for your product’s precise needs Baroda Group also provides shrink wrap films and pouches for food and non-food industries. The company has developed a special LL/ LDPE based high quality shrink film, which is a world class standard packaging solution ideally suitable for packing wide range of products at an economical cost. Importance of Shrink Film against corrugated packaging

At a time when conservation of the environment is a very critical issue, the recyclable shrink films come as a great solution. These films are also manufactured using eco-friendly recyclable materials. It proves to be a much better option against corrugated packaging, As it is light, the shrink films also help you save huge amounts in transport and freight.

Baroda Group is the most advanced and superior provider of packaging solutions in India. Not only do we source the best of raw materials from across the world, we also gain the expertise to apply the right formulation for manufacturing. Baroda also possesses a state-of-the-art machine specially designed for and totally dedicated to shrink film production.


  1. Beverages (cans, glass and plastic bottles)
  2. Bottled water
  3. Dairy shrink bundlers
  4. Food and canned goods
  5. Pharmaceutical ,Health & beauty aids
  6. Consumer good shrink bundler
  7. Automotive & Industrial products
  8. Products packed in bags, such as chemicals, cement, soil, peat, etc
  9. Large & small household appliances
  10. Packaging materials & paper
  11. Building products like tiles, bricks, insulation material, etc


Shrink wrap film is made of very high strength material. It involves usage of less plastic and is hence very environment-friendly and safety to user Strength and safety of packs

  1. Shrink film makes products tamper evident
  2. Great resistance against puncture and tear propagation
  3. Outstanding toughness and high holding stability
  4. High shrinkage gives possibility of perfect shapes
  5. Tough transpiration
  6. With sealing consistency and high holding force, you get high package integrity

High Shelf Appeal

Great aesthetic value due Increased Profit and Productivity to its fantastic gloss and commendable clarity

  1. Very cost-effective in comparison to corrugated material
  2. Less material is required and hence, less cost in incurred
  3. Fast return on investment with reduced operating costs
  4. Low cost of shipment, end-product disposal and storage space
  5. In comparison to substitutes like carton and packaging (wrapping) paper, shrink wrap reduces packaging cost by as much as up to 75 % or even more

Availability of 30-300 mic film

We offer a wide range of packaging films to suit your needs:

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